How to: Use UNetbootin to create Live USB OS

Using UNetbootin to create Live OS

UNetbootin allows you to create bootable Live USB drives for Ubuntu, Fedora, and other Linux distributions without burning a CD. It runs on Windows, Linux, and Mac OS X.

Although this How to will guide you to install and configure UNetbooting for Linux Mint  10, the similar steps can be followed for Windows and other Linux distributions.

Downloading Unetbootin for Linux and windows:
1. For all the Linux distributions you can download and install UNetbootin from 'Package Manager' or from their official website UNetbootin .
2. The same for Windows or Mac OS can be downloaded from here.

Creating a Bootable Live USB drive:
There  are two ways of installing a OS though USB in UNetbootin.
First you can stsrt the UNetbootin applications, select the disrtibution to install and directly download the OS files from the official site. For this you need internet connection. This is also called 'Live Installation'.

Alternatively, if you have .iso image of the OS, you can use the same to make the USB drive bootable. This 'Offline Installation'.
In this How To we will describe both the ways.

Using Online installation:
1. Insert the USB drive you want to use as Live USB and start the UNetbootin application. You will get a GUI similar to this:

2.Select the distribution of Linux, for eg. Ubuntu, Mint, Slax, CloneZilla.
(for a detailed tutorial, watch the tutorial)

3. Select the version of the distribution from drop-down list. For eg. after selecting Linux Mint as distribution, you will automatically get version info in second drop-down box.

4. Select the Type as USB drive and the drive name should be the name of the USB Drive and click on OK.

Using Offline Istallation (through .iso image file)

1. Insert the USB drive you want to use as Live USB and start the UNetbootin application.

2. Select Diskimage in radio-button (option).

3. Select the path of the .iso image on your hard-disk.

4. Here we create Live USB for  Windows XP. Therefore we select the .iso image of XP.

5. After this select the type as USB drive, give name of your USB drive and click OK. 

Installing OS through Live USB Drive:

1. For installing your Laptop or PC shoud support installation of OS through USB Drive.

2. After starting the PC or Laptop, press F9 or Del to enter Boot Option in your BIOS setting.

3. In boot priority, give USB as the first priority.

4. Install the OS as you do usually.

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