What not to write in a Official e-mail

Tech Gurus, managers and your team Leads might have told you what to write in a mail while interacting in a corporate environment! Especially being a Customer support guy myself, I have had many occasions when my boss came to my desk and asked me 'why did you write this?'

The thing is when you write a good mail, no one will appreciate. But one mistake and all in vain! Effective mail writing techniques comes with an experience. It is said that people who have direct customer interaction should have more soft skills than technical know-how. And when in comes to soft skills in a corporate environment, e-mail etiquette tops the list. My team lead reviews his mail at-least 5-6 times before sending it out. The message that your mail sends out should be very clear, no ambiguity! His advice is "Keep one thing in mind, there are several ways to say the same thing, you just need to find out the best way! "

The thumb rule to effective mail writing is here :      
1. Review what you have written
2. Re-reivew what you have written.
3. Review again!! 

Dont let your email say what you dont want to convey.

A Crash Course in e-mail communication.

1.Use proper spelling, grammar & punctuation.  This seems childish, but this conveys a lot about you to your reader.

2. Do not write in Capitals. This is treated as SHOUTING or being angry.

3. Do not put unnecessary people in cc. Overuse of the cc option may cause yourself to be in trouble.

4. Do not reply to all unless necessary. Apart from increasing the server load, it also fills in junk in others mailbox.

5. Avoid long sentences, use short and up to point sentences.

6. Begin your communication with proper salutation. 'Hi, Good Morning/ Good Afternoon' is a nice way to start off.

7. End your mail with thanksgiving and don't forget to put your signature. Most people miss this.

8. Use proper indentation in your mail structure. Your mail should not look crowdy.

9. Do not use overly technical jargons when talking to a group. Some people may be unaware of them. Specially when we deal with Technical users as well as Business Users.

10. Do not write ' Thanks in Advance' . This is literally childish. I have seen people asking for something to get done and writing 'Thanks in Advance' in their mails.  How can you thank a person who hasn't served your request or may be of he is not the right person to do the needful? What if he replies "Screw your in Advance"?

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