Official true Copy of Jan Lokpal bill

'Anna's Campaign has strengthened and within next 24 hours there will be some decisive action from the government'
                                                                                                    - Arvind Kejriwal

With clues that Anna's health is ow weakening hour after hour, every minute spent in discussing,analysing the situation is proving UPA costly.

We did a lot of research and managed to find True copies of Anna'a Jan Lokpal bill and Govt Lokpal bill with some othe documents.

Please go through them to get through knowledge on this and spread the word to your friends!

Find true copy of the documents at following links..

Anna's Janlokpal Bill [ True Copy ]

UPA Govt's Lokpal Bill [ True Copy ]

Detailed Analysis of Jan Lokpal Bill and what it means to you

Power Point presentation of the Jan Lokpal Bill

Please share with your friends, lets maake it happen, see it happen!

Jai ho!!

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