[Market Update] The Anna Effect on Sensex

The Govt.'s dramatic moves in Anna's movement have shown hao pathetic a management the ministers are having regarding political issues when Party High Command Sonia Gandhi is Out of Office.

In a situation like this, the true mettle of PM Manmohan Singh being a bureaucrat rather than a Plititian has come to light. His inefficiency to chandle the issue and come out with a solluttion which is aggreable to both the sides (Anna's Team and Govt) has struck UPA hard.

In scenario of Global turmoil, where, on one side there are tensions of a Recession in First world countries like UK and US, and tensions in Libya re ever-increasing, Anna campaign has also have had a considerable impact on Market.

On Aug 19 (Friday) Sensex dropped 371 points as Anna Hazare factor added to investors' growth worries. If we review the BSE Sensex graph for last 7 days, we have a clear picture of the impact all these issue had on the Market. 

The drop in sensex started after Anna's arrest on Aug 16 and thereafter under clues of global economic downturn, continued to lose ground. After being sent to judicial custody at Tihar which wasa initially planned for 7 days, the Govt receivedd acerbic remarks from all parts of society and Anna waas released on 20th. Thereafter Anna headed to Ramlila Maidan for indefinite hunger strike. 

Investors lost their hope in Manmohan Singh's Govt as he is been seen as a 'Indecisive Disciple' of Sonia Gandhi. 

The UPA seems busy taking meetings and analysing facts various discussions.

Manmohan, being world's most educated Prime Minister, is handling a bureaucratic position- may be Sonia appointed him only because of this personality trait. But today, this very decision of Sonia has turned bad to her as in her absence, there is no one to handle the crisis.

The BSE Sensex slightly seemed to improve after news that 'someone from inside' will meet Anna today evening. The most sought after names for the 'someone from inside are A K Anthony, Sushil Kumar Shinde and Vilasrao Deshmukh as he has previous experience with handling such crisis.

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