How to: Add a Favicon on your Blogspot site

Personalizing the blog to suit your own style and requirements is what today's fellow bloggers look for. If you have a blogspot profile, this becomes increasingly easy. With a blogspot site you can personalize, edit your profile, add friendly widgets and make some bucks with your posts!

What is a Favicon :

The tutorial takes you through various steps on how to add a Favicon on your blogspot site.

1. Open your Blogspot site and goto design - > Favicon [Edit] on left hand top corner.

2. A new pop up box will appear [ Make sure that pop-ups are enabled on your browser ]

3. Browse for the file on your local drive or give a URL of the image. Select upload.

4. Its all done!

!! FAQ !!

1. I have followed all the above steps correctly, but I am still unable to view the Favicon on my site.. :( What to do?
Ans: This is because your browser is using the stored cookies to load the page. Clear your browsing private data and restart the browser again. It should be done now.

2. I tried to upload the Favicon but blogspot displays an error?
Ans: This may be because of two reasons:
        a) The image format may not be correct. Try uploading the image in              .jpg or .png format.
        b) The size of the image may be greater than the acceptance criteria.
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  1. Buddy dont take it persnlly... but i thnk sumthin is missin here... like the "wow factor"
    I think u can add graphics n make it more attractive.

  2. s.. sure.. v made dis post in a jiffy..
    missed d screenshots..
    vil kip dat in mind! thnx :)