Now a Machine for Automated Social SUICIDE

"Unfriending has never been so easy"
"Watch your life passing by!"
"Watch your Friends die!"
"Click here to sign out for ever"

These are some of the services that web suicide Machine 2.0 boasts of offering.

Really an innovative idea to implement. I mean really nowadays we all have become so used to our Social Life on Freindster,  Facebook, OrkutTwitter or LinkedIn that we rarely interact in real life with our contacts as we do in our Online life.
Most of us stay online for hours browsing the  web, visiting sites and doing online stuff. This has so much impact on us that we find it easier to chat online or poke someone even if the person is sitting on the desk next to us or is our neighbour.
There is what comes into picture.
This website (mostly unknown and detested by Social Networking sites) offers a unique service to delete all your online presence on social networking sites. Yes, now you can visit sing in to sign out forever from the Web. The website currently boasts that it can successfully remove all your private data from the target website.The website currently offers service to delete your account from following target sites...

What the website actually does is, it asks for your personal data like user name and password for your account on above mentioned site and then their automated script logs in on the target server and the server is under the impression that you have logged in in your account. The script then deletes all your personal data on the target website, eg. Facebook.
The website says that it only stores your profile pic, name and your last words while dying( not literally). The website claims that you can actually watch your friends die virtually ( I Know its an Oxymoron!) when the process starts.

I am in no way at any point supporting this idea of building a website around this idea in mind. I mean why would you want to outsource your own account deactivation or deletion, when you can do it in minutes. The only attraction that has over manually deleting your account is that Suicidemachine runs a flash player script which shows all your friends dying. Funny right?

What is more funny is the FAQ section of the website. Some of the question I found really intresting on the website are..

What shall I do after I've killed myself with the web2.0 suicide machine?

Try calling some friends, take a walk in a park or buy a bottle of wine and start enjoying your real life again. Some Social Suiciders reported that their lives has improved by an approximate average of 25%. Don't worry, if you feel empty right after you committed suicide. This is a normal reaction which will slowly fade away within the first 24-72 hours.

If I kill my online friends, does it mean they're also dead in real life?


This service is of course for them ho have tons of friends on their MySpace account and are tired of time wasting Social Networking phenomena. Social networking of course saps the time from your daily schedule and work. Dozens of office hours are spent every weeks in MNC's accessing these sites over Mobiles,PDA etc. because of the proxy crap. (Yeah! I too suffer from this :)) You can find profile of people who have deleted their account from Myspace using this website who had well over 1000 friends on their network!

Facebook and other sites are detesting this service as the service is driving away their customers.
The official mail from Facebook to completely and immediately quit the operations of is here.