How to: Continue or resume a cancelled/ failed download in Mozilla Firefox

Yesterday I was downloading a 400Mb file for Nokia QT SDK, it left the download to continue as I was feeling sleepy and went away to take a nap..
When I came back, I found that the file has stuck downloading at 335Mb and it really was frustrating as everything was looking fine, my broadband speed, my firefox and everything.. don't know what went wrong.. :(  The download stuck at 335Mb.

I use Mozilla Firefox for my Internet needs, may it be browsing, chatting or download. I am a avid fan of it!
I decided to do something as I didn't want to start all over again, especially when I had downloaded most of the file ( only 65Mb remaining :(  )

I opened the folder in which the partly downloaded file resided and found there two files with the same name but just a minute difference in their extensions.

Just to try I did a trick and the download resumed again from 335 Mb.. Here is a tutorial for what I did!

This tutorial also works if the download is cancelled and you have a .part and the normal file still in your downloads folder.

1. Pause the downloads and open your downloads folder. There will be two files, one with the normal extension (.exe .doc .pdf etc) and another one with a .part extension

2. Delete the file with normal extention i.e file with .exe .doc .pdf whichever may be the case.

3. Rename the .part file with the extension of the deleted file. 

Its as simple as that! The download should resume now..
Let me know your comments!

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