From Gnome to kDE

Now there isn't any firm reason why I am switching from Gnome to KDE but lately I updated my Package Manager in Mint Isadora (Gnome) and was having issues with Firefox.. It crashed for no reason, and so I decided to switch my environment.

I had .iso images of Ubuntu, Kububtu, OpenSuse... Literally speaking, I tried everyone.. each of them...
The whole concept of the Plasma workspace in KDE ie.Kubuntu fascinated me.
And here I am, Using Kubuntu (Platform Version 4.5.1 (KDE 4.5.1))

It of course is a bit complex, but if u see what you actually get when you are a KDE user, the complexity is worth!

KDE is a world-wide network of software engineers, artists, writers, translators and facilitators who are committed to Free Software development. This community has created hundreds of Free Software applications as part of the KDE Development Platform and KDE Software Distribution.

KDE is a cooperative enterprise in which no single entity controls the efforts or products of KDE to the exclusion of others. Everyone is welcome to join and contribute to KDE, including you.

Visit for more information about the KDE community and the software we produce.
In coming posts I will try to demystify the so called complexity of the user friendly system.. !!

till then enjoy.....


  1. Recently I also switched to KDE desktop (4.6) and I don't think it is complex. Just different, and when you are new to something and don't know it yet it just appears scary and complex. After you use it for a while the feeling of complexity is gone and for me came the feeling of more flexibility and more functions.

  2. Completely agree with you Najda, I have been using Mint for years now. And with its simple and down to earth UI I have become used to it...
    When I first switched to KDE, the widgets, plasma desktop, the panel was very new to me. It is cool..
    I being a newbie for KDE found it complex just because of the reason mentioned by you... because it didn't know about the raw power of KDE.
    Rest users be assured that once you get used to KDE you will stick to it!

  3. U rock vishal!!!