Facebook and Warner Brothers partner to show Online Movies

Hollywood giant and the legendary production house Warner Brothers and Social Networking site Facebook have joined hands to first of its type movie subscription service. The  plan is to provide online streaming of blockbuster films to Facebook users at 'pay per view'.

The plan will be first implemented in US and then after review of the profits and considering the takeaways, it will be expanded to other countries. Third world countries like India, Brazil will have to wait for some more years for this because Broadband speed in this countries is a concern.
It works by charging people 30 Facebook credits, the equivalent of $3 (£1.85), to rent the film.

They then have 48 hours in which to watch it. The first movie to be released in this manner will be 2008 blockbuster movie The Dark Knight.

Critics say that this is a wise step taken by Warner Brothers as no other website boasts of the amount of traffic that Facebook gets. With millions of users under its subscription belt, there is good opportunity for Warner Brothers to generate revenue this way. There is hardly any competition in this segment (Social Networking + Movie Streaming) and other companies are expected to follow the suite in coming days if this proves to be a success.
Netflix claims it is the world's largest with 20 million users across North America but it is not as comprehensive in its services and of course it lacks the charisma that Facebook has.