Using DOSBOX to mount Turbo C

  1. Download a package called DOSBOX from the Synaptic Package Manager. 
  2. Now you can access the DOSBOX from the mint menu as follows
Menu->Games->DOSBOX Emulator.
 3. When you open DOSBOX the following screen will appeaar.

  4.Meantime keep ready Turbo C for installation. Copy the Turbo C folder in at a location like /home so whatever you prefer.
  5.Now everything is ready. you now need to mount the Turbo C folder into a virtual drive created by DOSBOX.
  6. This can be done as follows..
        Z:\>mount c /location_of_turbo_c_folder/username/turboc
       A message will be displayed that C drive is mounted as local directory.
 A typical mounting where the folder is saved in /home and username is vishal is as follows.
        Z:\>mount c /home/vishal/turboc

  7. Now to go to the C drive type the usual DOS command as
     Note that all DOS commands such as dir, copy, cls work here.

  8. To open the TC IDE you need to move to the bin directory where the file resides.
          C:\>cd tc
          C:\TC\>cd bin
     And there you go,... start progarmming have fun!!

PS:- To view the IDE in full screen press alt+enter.
     To compile press alt+f9.
     To run (not literally ;)) press cntrl+f9.
     Most important
When you are inside the Turbo C  IDE the mouse movement would be restricted to the IDE. you can't move outside the boundary. To do that you have to toggle the mouse mode. that can be done by pressing cntrl+f10