The Ultimate Purpose

Just ended up watching "The Lovely Bones". And what a time to write something on this topic...
No, don't expect a movie review from me. But the philosophy that the script puts in is really commendable! A beautiful relationship between a Father and a Daughter.

Conventional questions on afterlife, life after death, the divine wish are answered in a very different and comprehensive way. A way that seems real. Who knows if its really so!

I was having goose-bumps all the way when I saw the depiction of the blue horizon- the space between the earth and the heaven. Marvelous, outstanding!!

The bottom line of the movie is that nobody notices when you are gone, when you are actually gone. The moment we really choose to go from the world. The moment your purpose comes true.

We are here for that very moment, the moment when we make our wish or purpose come true. Then we are gone, gone for ever.

Believe me I am having goose bumps putting this on blog.

The bottom line is striking. It makes me think over and over on it. The very moment is what we are here for. Our sole purpose on this place. Its so difficult to put in words what the movie has taught. Its an experience of a lifetime.

"If I had but an hour of love,
 If that be all it's given me.
 An hour of love; upon this earth,
 I would give my love to thee."