8 Things I love about Linux..

Its been quite a while I have been using Linux and I am greatly impressed by its functionality. The following is is but a partial list of some of the features I like about it..

  1. Security
The first and the foremost reason why I love Linux and reccomend it it to others is Security. NOw talking in terms of security, it comes in many ways.
viruses are the chief cause of millions of loss of business and more importantly user time spend in getting out of the problem. The thing is that viruses don't affect a Linux kernel. Thats because the .exe file extension that and typical windows virus has does not get executed in Linux. And thats why viruses cant create a loophole into your system. 
Its not that one cant create a virus for Linux, but the fact of the matter is that virus programmers tend to target mass users or a mass platform. Linux being in its nascent stage is not targeted by them. No viruses means, No system Hangups, No system crashes, No unnecessary wastage of money on costly anti virus softwares which need to be upgraeded every now and then, More time computing, Less time worrying.

2. Runs on a Cheap Hardware resource
Linux kernals come in as small as 5 MB. So you can merrily use them on your old PC's that you kept in your storehouse just because the current OS Some of the examples are DSL (Damn Small Linux), Koliribi etc.
These system can give you the basic functionality of Browsing, Text processing , Storing files etc. Now what more can you expect from a system that was lying abandoned in your storehouse huh?

3.The Microsoft Trap
   What most of the users in the world fail to understand or even comprehend is that we use what Microsoft packs in CD's for us. There is no way to know or determine what the code says.Thats because Microsoft does not provide the source code for its OS.
Imagine that what if your OS code tells your system to copy all the files and save their log in Microsoft's server? Or what if, your OS code makes a list of all the contact email addresses in your system each time you connect to the Internet automatically, all these addresses are sent  to Microsoft? Or in the worts case what if the OS keeps an eye on you each time you visit a site and keeps the list. All this behind the scenes, without your knowledge. And the worst part is that you are PAYING for it.
Isn't it a breach in your privacy?! Now don't be afraid, this is not the case with Microsoft.(But who knows, huh?)

Such is not the case with Linux. Linux is developed by a Open Source community spreading world over. Linux code is Open Source. That is, if you want you can get the source code free of cost.
Now even if a mischievous developer puts in a spy code in your OS, other users, programmers, developers can anytime have a look at whats going on in development and yell anytime.. "Hey what is the ****ing shit of code doing here?"

4.You don't need to pay.
The best part is that you don't need to pay for the services. All Open Source software come under GPL. Its a license saying that you don't need to pay for the code and distribute it among your friends and pals.No restriction whatsoever. Why choose a Back Door software when you can have a Liscensed piece of code?

5.Drivers and add-on applications
When you are using a MS OS, the first thing you do after the installation is put in the driver CD and install Video, Audio, Network drivers into the system. After that if need to open an .doc file you need to install MS Office, for a .pdf file you need Acrobat reader or Foxit reader. You still need to worry about some out of the box file extensions. Then you need to hunt the Wild Web to get a application for that. You may even end up paying bucks and more importantly time for this mess.
Linux comes pre-installed with a set of utilities. Be it  a Document processor, Image editor, File compressor or a Music Player, everything is preinstalled.

6.Bug Reporting 
      You must accept that no piece of code is guaranteed to execute without any misbehavior. Have you ever noticed what happens after a window
application crashes? Well, it asks whether you want to report the MS rescue center. If you ever care to send the bug report to the developers, then you must have noticed that your effort was in vain.They never care to cover their mistakes in small security patches. You have to wait until the newer version of OS is available in the market.  
But Linux,has developers and live forums running 24x7 on the web. These buzzed with dynamic discussions about the system.You can always place your problem in the forum and withing hours you have a remedy for the loophole.
 7.Software Resources
       Each time you need to a software for your need, you buy it or download it from the web. Downloading from the net has the risk. Malware, Spyware, Spam ,Viruses may haunt your system along with the code that you have downloaded.
  Linux has a repository thousands of software which you can install on-line from the official Linux website. So, you don't need to worry about viruses and all. The Synaptic Package Manager and Software Manager is where the list resides.

  Linux has such credibility on the Web that most of the servers today run on Linux. Servers need to answer to user queries from users which may come any hour of time. So servers don't need to go down every now and then. Most of the servers that run on Linux haven't gone down since years . The most famous one is Apache server.

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