I love Isadora

Ok, dont get confused or overjoyed. That is not my girlfriend's name. Its sort of technical. If you are a Linux guy, you will probably understand early.
I have been using a computer from my first year of graduation. My sister lended me one. Ever since I had been using Windows. Specifically XP.
Maybe, because I was a novice and didn't know many ugly traps in Windows, I just loved my system. I used Windows for two and a half years. And from past six months I have been using Linux.  Specifically Mint. I first used Helena and then jumped over to Isadora as soon as it got released, thanks to my geek friend Atul. And my system hasn't crashed a single time.

Ever-since then I have a dual boot partition in my hard disk and am using Vista and of course Isadora. (I love it to call my system Isadora, just because it sounds cool! I love Isadora.)

Ever-since my Linuxification.(yeah.. I know it sounds cool.. Well I coined it). I call it so because I was programmed to believe in the philosophy of Microsoft, through its products and services. Though I would admit that being a proud Indian I believe in anything that comes free of cost. Now, this XP wasn't an exception.
We used to arrange pirated copies of installation disks from our network of friends, and install them, use the system merrily, untill the next time system crashed and then the cycle went on! There wasn't a reason to complain, because being a novice I didn't seem to see any other way.
But using a Open Source OS is completely a different experience. you get users from all over the world to help you out just in case you get stumbled in early stages of use.

I would definitely in my following posts clarify my psychology and thinking towards( even if it matters or not.. lol ;).
till then "HAPPY MINTING"..

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