How To: Predict The Weather

Now, why in the heavens would you like to predict the weather?
Well, you may want to do that just to make money. The other way to make money is to get a job. To get a job you need to get a degree. But to get a degree, you need to get to the college. To get to a college to again need money. And ask me how to make money...
You dumb, this article is not about making Money ok?
Now, you are expecting too much from me!
OK, lets get back to the topic: "How to Predict The Weather?"
  To lay the forther theory of Prediction put it in your mind that, " What you predict is Weather, What you get is Climate". Therefor in this business of prediction no one can blame you, even if you go wrong. Which you will go most of the times! 
1. First you need to understand the fact that predicting weather is not as complex as Rocket Science.
 No, you guessed it wrong. It does not require you to be a Math geek, not a science nerd. You just need to know the art of GUESSING. Now, I call this an ART because, you need to lay the same facts (Don't call them facts, they aren't. you know!) all the 365 days, in such presentation that the other person doesn't have the slightest guess that yesterday's weather was the same as predicted today.

2. The question arises, what creates Weather and what makes it so unpredictable? Some morons say that its caused by Temperature, Humidity, Wind, Moisture etc. Beware of these morons, they trap to misguide you from the ugly truth.
Yes, you are fortunate because now I am going to tell you the secret behind Weather Prediction.
Actually, Weather is pre-planed. Yes, it is! It is controlled in India by the Ministry. Now you know why minsters spend their time in Meetings and setting up agendas every now and then?
You may wonder why is it so? Now, it a secret, but I will unveil that. This is all for making bucks. The Stock Market and the Weather are interrelated. Now you know why both are so unpredictable. Ministers actually plan the Weather in order to get gains from the stock market. Ask me how? You dumb, read the title. This post is about predicting the weather. Not about The complex interrelationship between the Stock Market and the Weather.

3.Prediction  of the Weather can be done in two ways,
a)Manual way
b)Computerized way 
I'll describe both in detail here. 
a)Manual way:
 Grab a cardboard, mat it with four symbols namely Rain, Cold, Hot, Humid. Now take a Dart and trow it towards the cardboard. And there you have the Weather fro the day! Yeah, I know its a bit complex. But man, nothing comes esy, you know!
b)Computerized way:
You need a computer and past years weather record for this. Now having these resources at your rescue, you just need to remember to combinations CNTRL+C and CNTRL+V. Even now if you don't understand, then you must not be reading the Blog.


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