Attitude.... A problem or a Gift?

They say " The Attitude is a drug that a few can resist." 
Overdoses can really  be a problem and underdose may make you susceptible  to being underestimated by others.

I have had a lots of that. Had to face many a problems just to make me feel worse later. Everyone has attitude problem. turning back now makes me ashamed sometimes. Sometimes to maintain our own state of mind, we end up doing things that brings a sick feeling later. It's not like that I have seen more summers than most of you. But its just my experience.Sometimes due to a money, status sometimes and may be sometimes just to appear cool!

I always wanted to be someone in life... Now , I think I should have been more specific!

Attitudes have ruined more than it has built. Relationships are it's worst prey. The moment priority gets into role in a relationship, insecurity creeps in, and then you can expect the worse.

Need are always desperate and stronger than wants. We must always understand this fact. Our mind may want to start a fight over the attitude issues ( which we many a times end up doing), but doing this we are closing up doors that one day we might need to knock. Our needs are so unpredictable in life. So, play safe. Don't ever insert attitude.. atleast in relationships!


Be so strong that nothing can disturb your peace of mind. Talk health, happiness and prosperity to every person you meet. Spend so much time improving yourself that you have no time criticizing others. Be too big for worry and too noble for anger!

 PS. Looking for positive in someone doesn't necessarily mean overlooking faults.

Moreover when it comes to using profanity in speech with the overdose of attitude, it shows lack of vocabulary, lack of self respect, and self control.
As in programming there is always a cheap and efficient way( cheap here means in terms of memory and time) to write a program, there is always a polite way to say a harsh fact. Opt it!

People make attitudes, don't let happen vice-versa.

Now there is definitely a difference between ego and pride.
A big head gives you a headache, a big heart gives you humility